Friday, April 1, 2022


Chreaster is a term that one of my ladies in the shop created.  Not being able to get together with family over Christmas due to COVID restrictions, she planned on keeping her Christmas decorations in place until she was able to get together with her kids and grand kids.  We were always joking that it may not be until Easter, hence "Chreaster".  Now, it's me combining the two holidays in this post.

Christmas this past year, although the shop was open again, was not like Christmas Open Houses of years past.  With restrictions, celebrations were scaled back, but our spirits were high and this year's Reindeer, Moon Prancer, was the star.  And here he is!

If you have not yet downloaded a copy from our website here is the link to our web page, where you will find all of my freebies.

Enjoy, you have lots of time to finish it for Christmas this year.


Now on to the second holiday - Easter.

During this past month, a day does not go by that the invasion of Ukraine is not on my mind. What’s happening in Ukraine today is a tragedy, and I, like many many others, am horrified. Wanting to do something to support Ukraine I have designed this years Easter Ornament in the Ukrainian colours. 

It is a tribute for Ukraine and it's people. Their bravery and courage to stand up to the aggressor has united the world. Their suffering is incomprehensible and we pray for peace. 

The pattern is again on our website under Kathrin's Freebies.

We have prepared 50 kits, which include fabric, pompom, and threads.  These are available for $10.00, all of which will be matched by Gitta's for a total donation of $1000.00 to help Ukraine and it's people.


This design was our first fundraiser to help Ukraine.  I was inspired by the Ukrainian Grandmother standing up to and confronting the Russian soldier. 

We prepared 70 kits, raised $700, and donated $1400 to the Red Cross, This was then further matched by the Canadian government for a total of  $2,800 going to help those displaced from the Russian assault.

This pattern is still available on our website for a free download. If able please make a donation to any organization helping Ukraine.  God Bless

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas 2020

At the beginning of the year, we all thought that by keeping our distance and following health Canada guide lines, we would emerge from the spring lock down with some form of normalcy.  Although restrictions did loosen over the summer, we all quickly realized that this will not be as simple as we all hoped.  Over the summer I worked on my Reindeer design for the Christmas Open House with the hopes that we may go ahead with the Open House although downplayed.  I did not realize just how downplayed it was going to be.





Our annual Christmas Open House has become a tradition for the shop and for me.  So, we were hoping to salvage the festivities with limited access, and no munchies .  But the second lockdown "Grinched" Christmas for all of us.  In keeping with the spirit of the Whos of Whoville, Christmas would not be stopped, although different.


Every Stitcher in Stitchville liked Gitta's Christmas Open House a lot.
But Covid certainly did not!

Covid hated Christmas! The whole year of 2020 infact!
No one really knows why, but we all felt the impact!

It could be, perhaps, being airborn it spread uncontrollably.
It could be, it thrived on everyone meeting socially.

But I think that the most likely reason of all!
May be that the virus is heartless and hung out at the mall.

But, whatever the reason, social gatherings or droplets disbursed.
It spread and it waited for Christmas, to do it's worst

For over 20 years Gitta's Christmas Open House ran
And this year would be no different, it just needed a plan

We thought and we thought,  wondering what could be done

To bring back some joy and holiday fun 

Then we got an idea, a brilliant idea!
Gitta's gang got a wonderful, brilliant idea!

We knew just what to do! We smiled ear to ear

In this age of technology the solution was clear 

The Christmas Open House would be online!

By staying  at home, we would all be just fine.

Browsing the website late into the night
Stitchers finding  a new project would certainly delight

They'd fill up their baskets with all they would need

Gathering patterns, and fabric, and threads with lightening speed 

Just after the shopping, Gitta's gang sprang into action

Curbside or mail order, they processed each transaction

They wrapped and they packed all the orders with cheer
Included in each, Kathrin's 2020 Reindeer


As in years past, we prepared 100 kits, as gifts to the first 100 orders.

Click here for your copy of "Snow Dancer", this year's reindeer.

Merry Christmas





This has been a hard year for everyone, and we would like to thank all of you for your support throughout the year.

This year especially I am filled with gratitude for  our customers of many years, and to those having discovered Gitta's due to this new virtual world we find ourselves in.  I am grateful to Gitta's gang; even though filled with COVID fatique (like so many others) they maintained an upbeat spirit in the shop and continued helping and inspiring stitchers.

So as we say farewell to 2020, we wish your and your family a brighter and healthier 2021!

Monday, April 27, 2020

What we do with our time

As I re-read my Easter Post, I am amazed with how our lives have changed in only 7 weeks.   The shop has been closed; open only to on-line orders and curb-side pickups.  As I chat with stitchers over the phone and through email, I always say that, other than being crazy busy with mailorders, my life has not changed too much.  But the more I think about it, it has changed.  I miss the camaraderie in the shop with my ladies, I miss our chats and banter with our customers, I miss getting together with my family, I miss going out and not constantly worrying whether I may be getting too close to another person.  Although I am spending more hours in the shop than before, I am also stitching more as well.

As some of you may have seen on Instagram, I have pulled out a partly-done older project, "Garden Fair" by Courtney Collections.

Not sure when I started it, but I figure it must have been at least 10 years ago.  I had been thinking about pulling this piece out of my UFO bin for a while, and so I did 4 weeks ago.  I sit in the evenings for about 2 hours and stitch with my feet up.

And here is my progress.  I only have 2 more rows and a repeat of the floral row at the top. 

Although I have always found solace in single (OK there's 2 in this case) coloured projects, I find myself growing tired and wanting a bit more colour; a bit more of a challenge.

I have had my eye on a Luca-S petit point kit (also available in cross stitch), The Winter, for many years now .  There is something calming about this piece, the still of winter;  a time to pause, a time to reflect.  With the feelings this piece instills in me, I have been wanting to start it for many years, but realistically there is always so much going on in the shop that I wouldn't have much time to dedicate to yet another project.  But the heart wants what the heart wants, and so this Saturday after the busiest and most tiring week (and unable to get to all the orders) I decided to take home a new project.  My version of retail therapy.

Having said all that, over the weekend my brain won out over my heart, and I will finish my "Garden Fair" before starting "The Winter".  I am so close to finishing, and I am curious which will finish first - the Lockdown or my sampler.

Hoping you are all safe, I KNOW you're all busy stitching!!
Stay strong, and this (Covid-19) too shall end!!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Easter 2020

I always look forward to Easter.  It fills me with Springful thoughts; that brighter warmer days will soon be upon us.  It is our first holiday after Christmas, to once again decorate the house and gather with friends and family.
So what better time to share another design.  It has been awhile since I designed my last Easter Egg pattern, and with a fabric delivery from Zweigart of new Spring colours, I was inspired.  They are bright and reminded me of  Easter egg dyes.  It was the "Hot Pink" that especially caught my eye.  The deep pink in the Easter packet of dyes, is always my favourite, it is the one that grips the egg shell the best and always the most vivid.  So, it was only fitting that I had to use this for my Easter design.

There is still plenty of time to finish these cute little bunnies before Easter.  The pattern is a freebie that can be picked up on your next visit to the shop, or tucked into your mail orders.

If you are unable to drop by, you can also
CLICK HERE for a copy.

We have prepared 24 kits with all needed to complete this design.  It includes the fabric, threads and Stoney Creek buttons. These are available in the shop or on the Gitta's website.  Click here if you would like to order it on-line.

Happy Easter

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Reindeer Heart Finishing Instructions

The free pattern, colour key and stitching instructions for the 2019 Reindeer 
are available through the previous post.  This post is for the finishing instructions

Reindeer Heart 
Finishing Instructions
The red dotted line on the chart is backstitched using the cream thread.

 I chose to match this thread to the fabric colour, so when the ornament edges are sewn together the edge will hardly be visible.
  If you wish this edge to be more visible, please feel free to use a coloured thread. 
 Fold  the straight edge of the corners under and finger press
 Then fold the sides under and finger press
 Using the same thread used to backstitch the border (in my case, cream), sew the two edges together.  Anchor your thread where the two sides meet, leaving the corner fold open. 

Pair up the backstitches from opposite sides and slip under each matching pair.  Slip towards you with the first pair, and then slip under the next pair away form you.  Continue alternating the direction of your slip stitches in this manner. Do not pierce fabric, only slip under the backstitches.

As you approach the bottom tip of the ornament, 
fold under the other sides and continue. 
 Ensure fabric is tucked inside.
Once you have sewn up on the other side by about an inch, end your thread. 
 Make a slip knot
Hide your thread by stitching down into the ornament.  Stitch down and out with your needle, pull on the thread a bit and cut.  The tail will shrink into the interior.
In the same manner as you started on the one side of the ornament, 
join the other two edges together on the opposite side of the ornament.
Do not completely seal this side.  Leave a gap for stuffing the ornament. 
 Do not cut the sewing thread.
Using a safety pin pull a ribbon through the openings.
  Then stuff the ornament until desired plumpness.
Finishing sewing edge closed.  Then end your thread with a slip knot.  
Hide your thread by stitching down into the ornament.  Bring your needle out, pull 
on the thread a bit and cut.  The tail will shrink into the interior.
Pull the ribbon tight and tie a knot.
  Leaving a desired ribbon length to hang your ornament, 
tie another knot at the top.  Trim excess ribbon. 
 Make a bow out of the remaining ribbon and sew it the base of the ribbon.
 Voila !
Merry Christmas

2019 Christmas Open House

 Gitta's Christmas Open House is here
filled with Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that stitchers call
Our favorite time of the year
Christmas music in the air
meeting friends everywhere
Olden times and reindeer chimes
Our love for cross stitching we all share
Christmas spirits in the air
Stitching friends everywhere
Munchies feasted
And joyful memories shared

Christmas time is here
  Oh, at Gitta's we could always see
Such spirit through the year
But for the next Christmas Open House
We'll have to wait until next year...

Wishing all of you and your families a 
very Merry Christmas and 
all the best for 2020

Stitchers are a special breed, and we look forward to sharing our time with all of you, be it in the shop or on the phone.

Without our stitchers the shop would not be the success it has been for the past 33 years.

It is at this time of year we celebrate not only Christmas but you as well.  As in Christmas' past I have designed another Reindeer to share with all of you.  If you were unable to attend the Christmas Open House this year, we would still like to share this year's reindeer with you.

CLICK HERE  for your copy of the cover photo
CLICK HERE for your copy of the pattern
CLICK HERE for the colour key and stitching instructions
Finishing Instructions will be in the next blog post.

Merry Christmas