Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Canada !!

I have been wanting to post a 2 sided biscornu for quite some time, and have been playing with the idea of contrasting sides.  I had also been thinking of posting the free bee I designed as a needlecase to accompany one of my Chair Necessaire designs, Graphite.
So all these ideas were thrown into the melting pot, and what you see is the result.  I have added maple leaves and stitched it in red and white to give it a very Canadian appeal.  Click here for the pattern.  Stitch it twice, once with red on white and again with white on red.  The fabric and threads are available in the shop; we have pre-cut 7" x 7" pieces of 28ct Lugana, for $2.00 a piece.

If red and white is not your colour choice, you could also stitch in autumn colours, such as rust and cream; it is a leaf after all.

Finishing Instructions:

With both squares stitched trim away the excess fabric.  
Cut beyond backstitched line approximately 8-10 fabric threads or 1/4" to 1/2".

Match the corner of one fabric square to the middle of one side of the other fabric square.  Secure your thread to the back, knotting it into the backstitched line.  Then bring the needle up through the hole in the corner of the backstitched edge. 

Slip under the first backstitch to the left of the corner you just came out of.  Then pass beneath the centre backstitch on the other piece.  Finger press the fabric edges along the backstitched line and match up the backstitch from one fabric square to the other. 
Whip-stitch the sides together by slipping under the backstitches.  
Do not pierce the fabric.
Continue until you reach the corner of the square, of which you started in the middle of the side.
Finger press and fold  fabric around the corner.  Match up the backstitches and continue whip-stitching the sides together by slipping under the backsitches. 
 Continue sewing around the biscornu in this zig-zag pattern until only one side remains open.
Carefully stuff the biscornu using pillow stuffing or fiberfill.  Make sure the corners are well stuffed.  Finger press the centre to preview the finished effect and if you like the fullness of the biscornu.
When satisfied with the fullness of the biscornu, whip-stitch the last side closed.
Thread your needle with Dental Floss.  Dental floss is very strong and the knots will not slip when pulling the thread tight.
Bring your needle up through the centre of the Biscornu and then stitch through to the other side again.  Stitch the same path again ensuring not to stitch through the same hole but close to the centre.

Pull tightly and knot using a square knot.  Stitch both dental floss ends through to the other side again, pull tightly and knot again.  
The dimple in the Biscornu is now secure.

Sewing on the shank button.
With one of the dental floss ends sew through the shank hole of your button.  Tie the dental floss ends tightly under the head of the button with a square knot.

Thread both dental floss ends through your needle and pull these ends through the centre to the other side of the Biscornu.

Sew your second button into place with a square knot.  Pull dental floss again through to the other side.  Push button aside  and carefully trim ends.

And there you have it, you're all done !!!!
Congratulations; it looks great


  1. Hi, Kathrin,

    This biscornu looks *fantastic*! It's been a busy week and I'd forgotten that you were planning a Canada Day surprise for everyone. So it was doubly exciting to check your blog this morning and find this treat! Thank you!

    Margaret K.

  2. Love the pattern and am going to have to stitch this very soon.

  3. oooo.. I saw the 'live' sample today.. beautiful! I think I was the first to buy the fabric :)

  4. What a fabulous design, Kathrin. I'll have to get some of the red fabric the next time I'm in the shop.

  5. What a lovely biscornu and your tutorial makes the sewing seem so simple, still not sure if mine would ever look that neat!

  6. The other day I had an ex-pat in the shop now living in the US, and in town visiting family. She a regular visitor to the blog and absolutely loved the Maple Leaf Biscornu. Wanting to purchase everything to stitch it for herself, and for an American version for her american friend. After playing with other fabric colours, we decided to leave the fabric as red and white, but stitch the entire biscornu in blue. She promised to email a photo once finished, I can't wait to see it.

  7. как здорово! обязательно попробую...As it is beautiful. It is in detail told

  8. I love this. Unfortunately, my computer won't allow me to print off the instructions. Are the design and assembly instructions for sale?

  9. It's not for sale, as this was a gift. I'll email you the pdf. Hopefully that will work out.

  10. Hi,

    I would like to make this bicornu but I cannot get the directions for construction to print. The page just come up blank. Is there some way to print this.

    Thank you for any help,
    Sandy in PA

  11. I did it! It printrd out for me.

    Sandy in PA

  12. Love the design, Having trouble with the download of the pattern. it wont open! Any idea how I can? Thank you

    1. Hi Gina,
      Sorry, I am just reading your comment. After some time the links to the pdf's are deleted, sorry. When we realized this we had moved all the pdf's to our website. Click on Products, then go under Free Stuff. They are on the Kathrin's Free Patterns link.