Thursday, September 18, 2014

Long Tall Santa

This Saturday, September 20th, is our first workshop of the season. Open to all levels this beginner cross stitch class is being taught by Michelle Edmunds.  Michelle is our Designer of the Month and she will cover cross stitch, backstitching, french knots, and working with different fibres.

There is still time to join Michelle for this workshop and finish her folksy Santa in plenty of time for Christmas.
Once the Santa is complete, you can then join one of our Ornament Finishing classes later on.

So drop by this Saturday to either join the workshop or Meet the Designer.  Michelle will be in the shop as of 12:30 pm, and don't forget to pick up her Free pattern, the next added to our Designer Collaboration Sampler.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Designer of the Month - Michelle Edmunds of Great Bear Canada

Together with her husband, Michelle creates needlework projects that celebrate the things she holds dear.  The ideas come from everyday experiences such as going to fall fairs, dream-planning her garden, and her fascination of Celtic design.
Being graphic designers, Michelle and her husband have put an equal (if not greater) effort into the layout, presentation and quality of their leaflets,  with big, easy to follow charts.

Michelle's designs are composed of only full stitches, so they will also look great in petit point or needlepoint.  In fact I have always been fascinated with her "Source of Strength" design and wanting to needlepoint it as a pillow.  I am inspired with the saying and just generally love the layout of the design.

I am also quite taken with her Spirit Series.  She matches an element of nature with a single word.  I find the simplicity of these designs fascinating and inspiring.  Although one can cross stitch or needlepoint these patterns from the chart, Michelle also has this series available as painted canvases.

So whether you cross stitch or needlepoint drop by the shop during September to see Michelle's models.  Michelle has also donated package of Notecards for a prize draw.  With every purchase of one of her designs will earn you a ballot form for the prize draw at the end of the month.