Friday, January 28, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 4

Every week I have a hard time deciding which pattern to post.  When I first started this project, I decided to post the squares in the order that I stitched them.  But as I completed each one, there was always something I thought I like more than the previous.  But now that I have stitched them all, and I sit here looking at them, I can't decide which I like more.  So I'm back to my original plan, this weeks pattern is the fourth one that I stitched.

Click here for this pattern

I have also tried to figure out a way for those of you, who want to share your colour choices on line, to do so.  For now please email your photos to our Gitta's webmaster, craftkitten.  She will post these on the Stitcher's Gallery at

Important Gitta's Getaway News:  This coming Monday is the deadline for the Gitta's Getaway Early Bird Draw.  Tuesday morning we will draw 3 names from all those who are registered for the Getaway as of Midnight January 31st, 2011.  These lucky winners will have their rooms upgraded to a 1 bedroom Penthouse Suite or a Deluxe King Suite. Good luck everyone.  If you are not aware of our Getaway Retreat please visit the Getaway Blog or the Events page at  We have 17 spots remaining.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gitta's Getaway

I have been so busy promoting the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace, a stitching show for stitchers, that I have not been concentrating enough on our Retreat as well. I realized this yesterday, when both a returning Retreat attendee and someone still considering attending the Getaway wanting some clarifications on all the happenings that weekend, April 1-3, 2011.   Although the MarketPlace and the Retreat are both interconnected and separate, I have been thinking on how to clarify and describe both.  I will try, by tomorrow at the latest, to post these to the Gitta's Getaway Blogspot.  If you have not yet visit there, here is the link

Friday, January 21, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 3

Earlier this week Gitta's Winter workshops were posted to  Ietje is teaching  The Heirloom Sampler in a Year; it is stunning and technique loaded. She has been busy stitching, unable to put her sampler down.  And this is how I feel regarding  my 15 sided Biscornu.  Like a sampler, once I finish one square and I want to see how the next one will turn out.

As everyone has been anxious for this next installment, I had taken my laptop to the shop today in the hopes that I may find some time and post the 3rd part of the biscornu.  Well given the time, I was unsuccessful.  I never even managed to take my laptop out of my bag.

Click here for Part 3

Friday, January 14, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 2

I can't believe were today has gone.  I have spent the day at home, and my intended plans were to work on my part of the Collaboration Bellpull for Gitta's Getaway Round Robin Workshop.  Instead I spent the day driving my kids around and finalizing a Winter Dogsledding Adventure David & I have planned for us and our kids.  In February we'll be heading up to the Haliburton Highlands, alongside
Algonquin park, to learn how to drive a dog team through Haliburton's breathtaking wilderness. These Siberian Huskies are competitors in Alaska's Iditarod - I can't wait.

Well here is the second pattern of my 15 Sided Biscornu.  It was a hit on Stitch Night, this past Wednesday.  I was also told that the first pattern looks better than it did in the Blog photo.

For the second pattern Click here

Sunday, January 9, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 1

This is how my first square looks with my colour choices.

I started stitching my 15 squares this morning.  Each being 20 x 20 backstitches with an inch between each one.
(8 of the 15 squares are shown in the photo).

I was originally going to do all my backstitching
with 370 DMC, but after I completed all my cross stitch with SNC 273, I didn't like the look of the 370 DMC.  I choose an alternate, 3740 DMC, for the backstitching within the design, but will still use 370 DMC for my square outlines.

Click here for the pdf .
It includes the first pattern and the Getting Started instructions.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

15 sided Biscornu

I have made my share of Biscornus, and ever since I first heard the term "15 sided Biscornu" I was fascinated with its construction.  A fellow stitcher had mentioned the other day, that we should start a new project for the New Year.  So I got to thinking why not have this new project also be something I have never done before.  Having studied finishing techniques for these quirky cushions,  I'm ready to jump in.  I have designed 15 squares and will post one every week.  The first will be uploaded this weekend, I still need to tweak it a little.  
 In the meantime you can choose your fabric, one hand-dyed and two solid coloured fibres, and beads.
My choices are :
-Zweigart's 28ct Cashel Linen, Summer Khaki
-Thread Gatherer's SNC 273 Faded Memories
-370 DMC & 3740 DMC
-Mill Hill 02080

To start you will need to backstitch 15 squares 20 x 20 backstitches using one of the DMC threads.  Leave about an inch between each of the squares.

So join me on this venture.  Go through your stash or visit your LNS and choose your colours.