Thursday, April 28, 2011

All done !!

I stitched my fingers to the bones this week, but I'm all done.  I attached my last beads this evening.  My over-dyed fibre was a 5 yard skein by Threadworx, 01070 Rocky Mountain.  By being extremely frugal with the 5 yard skein I managed to finish my sampler, but only just.  My tails were miniscule, there was no playing with colour placement, no attaching beads with the overdyed thread, no changing my mind and repositioning any squares. I was a little careless at the beginning, but as the thought of possibly not having enough thread hit me, I started stitching on the diagonal to shorten my paths and altered my backstitching to minimize the travelling tread on the back.  All I need to say is - I made!!   I had 3 little strands remaining, two are about 2" long and the third is about 3" long.  And even these I don't want to throw out until I know for sure that I won't need them any longer - maybe once it's framed I'll add them to my ort box.
For the backstitches within the design and the heart in the final square  I used 3740 DMC, and the beads are 02080.  For the square outlines and the year in the final square I used Rainbow Gallery's Spendor S940.
Click here for the final square.
Thank you all for joining me on this journey.  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Every year for Easter I love to pull out my stitched Easter ornaments, painted Easter eggs, and bunnies to decorate the house. We get together with family to celebrate Jesus, enjoy each others company and the joys of spring.  My mom is in Germany this year and it's at these times I miss her the most.  On Sunday we will get together with my Dad and my sister's family.
Here is a little Easter gift for all of you.  It should look wonderful stitched in a variegated thread of fresh spring colours. 

 Wishing you all peace, joy, and love for Easter
Happy Easter !!

18 Square Sampler Part 17

I didn't manage to stitch much this past week, but I did manage to finish sewing 4 pillows.  In the shop we finally managed to get all the models, we had displayed at the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace, back up on the walls, and place some much overdue orders.   The shop was also very busy with many first time visitors to Gitta's.  Some had  already ordered through our website, and while visiting Toronto for Easter decided to make Gitta's one of their stops.  We are always working on the Gitta's website, so stitchers unable to just drop in can see all that Gitta's has to offer, but nothing beats seeing all the hand dyed fibres and fabric first hand.
One of this week's visitors, Rose, even brought her finished 15-sided Biscornu in to show us.  I was glad to have been in the shop to see it.  Stitched on Aida and in my opinion, in a Bavarian colour scheme, was absolutely adorable.  Rose was also thrilled to discover that we have stitched the little squares into a sampler.  So click here  for the 17th motif.  I love the way this one looks when stitched.  Enjoy.

Friday, April 15, 2011

18 Square Sampler - Part 16

This past Wednesday my Mom headed off to Germany for 2 months.  It was hard saying good-bye; I will miss her terribly.  We are with each other always in the shop, and rely on each other for many things.  When heading off to Germany, she always likes to take little "Stitcher's Care Packages" for 2 of my cousins that love to stitch.  So, one of the items I included was a kit of my 18 Square Sampler.  One of them loves blue and the other "Old Rose" (as she describes them) tones.
Fabric: 28ct Lugana, Ice Blue.  Threads: Hand-dyed Fibre, Paua Abalone.  152 Anchor for the backstitching within motifs.  1064 Anchor for the outline.  Beads: Mill Hill 00358
Fabric: 28 Lugana, Bone.  Threads: Caron Collections Waterlilies Autumn Leaves, 3858 DMC for the backstitching within motifs. 1008 Anchor for the outline.  Beads: Mill Hill 02037

  I can't wait until they finish their samplers and send me a photo.  I had so much fun choosing the colours that I just had to finalize the colours for my own sampler.  I completely changed my colour choice again.  I had trouble finding two solid colours, to match SNC 258, Sidewalk Chaulk, that I liked.  So I went with a colour combination that I had originally wanted to use for my 2nd 15-Sided biscornu. The fabric is a 32ct hand-dyed Lugana, Porpourri.  The hand-dyed fibre is by Threadworx, 01070 Rocky Mountain.  The solid colour within the motifs is NPI silk 935, and the outlined border is Splendor Silk S940.  The beads are Mill Hill 02080
Once I had my threads chosen, I couldn't resist and started stitching. I love the way the colours are working out.  I'll post my progress next week.  For those of you ready for square #16, Click Here.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

15 squares expand to 18

Last weekend was Gitta's Getaway Retreat as well as the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace held at the Waterside Inn in Mississauga.  It was great seeing everyone again at Gitta's Getaway.  18 of our 36 attendees were returning retreaters.  The company, the hotel suites, and food were fabulous as usual.  We all enjoyed a pampered and relaxing weekend.  I posted a photo album on my facebook page to share with everyone.  Click on photo album for the link, or cut and paste   Over the weekend I will also post onto the Gitta's Getaway Blog regarding all the happenings from the weekend.

As promised here is the border pattern for the 15 sided biscornu motif sampler.  Although I have not yet stitched my sampler, I am anxious to get started. Over the next few weeks, I will first have to finish sewing 7 pillows.  I had put these on hold because of my 15-sided biscornu addiction as well as the final preparations for the Getaway and NeedleWorkers MarketPlace.
Once I do start my sampler I want to use Thread Gatherer's SNC 258, Sidewalk Chalk, for my hand-dyed silk, and although I have not yet decided on my solid DMC colours I do know, that I want to use 2 strands when backstitching the solid colour in the border.

This photo is of Monika's sampler.  She cross-stitched hers 2 over 2 with Gloriana's hand-dyed silk #050, Blue Grass on 28ct Platinum Cashel Linen. She did all her backstitching using 1 strand.  She also did not stitch her motifs in the exact order as indicated on the Motif LayoutClick here for the chart of the border.  
Over the next 3 weeks I will post the final two motifs as well as a full alphabet for the final square.  Have a great weekend. See you next Friday.