Friday, September 28, 2012

Stitch In Public Day & Square #8

Yesterday, September 27th, was the day the Embroiderers' Association of Canada had selected as Canada's first National "Stitch in Public" Day.  The Toronto Guild had choosen Gitta's as their public place.  We re-arranged the shop to accomodate enough tables and chairs for everyone.  Some stitchers dropped in and stayed for a while, while most stayed for the entire day.   It was an absolutely wonderful day of stitching, relaxing and sharing.  Conversations covered the gamut, from the serious to the light hearted.  I enjoy events such as this, as it is a great opportunity for stitchers to meet other stitchers.  My mother thoroughly enjoyed herself, she stitched and caught up with some of our regular customers.
I also managed to sit a spell in the afternoon and work on my next pulled thread stitch, the Ringed Backstitch.

8.  Ringed Backstitch 
This stitch is comprised of backstitches over 2 linen threads.  Octagons are formed when two paths are completed.

When starting each row, please note that the first (and last) stitch is over 1 linen thread.

Click here for stitch instructions and stitch diagrams.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pulled Thread #7 - Running Stitch

7. Running Stitch Filling

The Pulled Mosaic stitch, posted last Sunday, has a heavy appearance and was not the easiest for me to stitch;  I had a hard time idenitfying which hole to stitch into.
So this week I wanted a stitch that is easier, with a  lighter appearance.
These stitches are over 4 linen threads - mainly because a multiple of 4 fits evenly within the squareYou can alter the appearance of the stitch by altering the number of linen threads the stitches are stitched over and are separated by.  If needed don't forget to insert compensating stitches along the edge.    Click here for stitch instructions and stitch diagrams