Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pulled Thread - Square #6

6. Pulled Mosaic Stitch

When filling an area with a pulled thread stitch, the general teaching is to make your first pass along the longest or widest stretch through the open area, and if needed to make compensating stitches at the end of the row.  However, with this particular stitch a definite pattern appeared with each cluster of 2 x 2 blocks.  Having a compensated block at the end of the row off centered the pattern.  Thus, I pulled out everything and recentered the pattern with compensating stitches surrounding the entire square.
With this particular stitch, I also found that the more I had completed,  the harder it was for me to find the subsequent linen holes to stitch into.  I'm not sure if this is due to the count of my linen (25ct is the most common for pulled thread), the tightness to which I pull my threads (as I appreciate the effect of a tighter pull), or maybe I need a stronger magnifier.   No matter the reason, if you too are having a hard time locating the next linen hole, once the fabric is squished together from the previous stitches, this is one technique you could try.  First completely stitch each square block without pulling.  Then go back, lift the second stitch in this grouping and pull tight, lift up the third stitch and pull.  Repeat until each stitch in the block has been pulled. Take care not to stitch through your thread on the reverse side, as this will prevent you from pulling the thread.
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