Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!

Where has the week gone?  I had absolutely no time to stitch this week, so I  headed into work late this morning and now I'm sitting here, this evening, frantically trying to finish the next stitch.  Unfortunately, I am unsuccessful.  I'm almost done, but after realizing that I also still have to prepare the stitch instructions, I've decided to call it a night.  Hopefully by Sunday I should manage to post both.

Last weekend my husband had organized a birthday party for me with friends and family.  It was supposed to have been a surprise party but the closer it got the less and less of a surprise it was.  It was, however great not to have been involved in the planning and to truely enjoy the result.  My sister, cousins and parents helped by preparing the food and with the clean up.  What a wonderful day.  And presents at any age are "feel good wonderful".
My father-in-law and his wife, having travelled in from Ottawa stayed over for Sunday; we shopped in the morning and enjoyed the afternoon in Jack Darling Park by walking along the trails beside Lake Ontario.
During the week I also had very little time.  Tuesday night my sister-in-law (who was in Toronto for a business trip and could not make it to the party) was over for dinner.  Wednesday was filled with phone calls and well wishes from my Cousins in Germany, and in the evening was Stitch Nigh t- I was surprised with an edible bouquet and pink roses.  In the remainder of my spare time I had to stretch and sew two needlepoint pillows for this Saturday.

What a busy and yet fabulous week it was.  One only turns 50 once, afterall !!!


  1. Happy Birthday Kathrin!

    Kim B

  2. Happy Birthday Kathrin! Sounds like you had a fun filled and busy week.
    Happy Stitching

  3. Belated best wishes, Kathrin! Very glad to hear that you had such a wonderful birthday. See you soon.