Friday, February 25, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 10 & 11

This past Sunday I spent the day finishing my biscornu.  It took me most of the day, but this was only because I was taking photos of each finishing stage and my photographer was not always right at hand.
I'm so thrilled with how it all turned out, and finishing it was easy -really!!!
When I first ventured down this path, of creating a 15 sided biscornu, I figured I had done so many regular 2 pieced biscornus that this shouldn't be any more difficult, but as I started sewing the pieces together I was surprised just how different it was. So don't fret, if you have never completed a Biscornu before, we are all on a level playing field.

Part 10, as part 9,  is off centered by one thread.  Since I had posted part 9, I have been made aware that some of you are stitching on aida.  To read two possible solutions please read my comment for Part 9.  I would recommend the first option; once sewn together it won't show.
Part 11 almost ended up on the cutting room floor.  Then I added the corners and it is now my favourite design.
Click here for patterns 10 and 11.

Being in the shop almost every day I get to see everyone's colour choices; I have enjoyed the photos some of you have sent to Darlene, craftkitten, to post onto the "Stitchers Gallery" at, and I have even seen one posted on Facebook.  I love them all !!!!  So much so that I  had to start another one myself.  Quite a few of you are stitching multiple colour choices, and now I find myself doing the same.  Go figure!!!!
Here is my second colour choice. Fabric: 28 ct. Cashel linen, Amsterdam Blue. Variegated Silk: Thread Gatherer's SNC 066.  Backstitches within design: 829 DMC.  Backstitched border square: 924 DMC.  Beads: Mill Hill 00221

Friday, February 18, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 9

This morning on Canada AM during their Travel Tips segment, they suggested an alternative Winter Outdoor activity for those who are not Skiers or Snowboarders.  They chatted about Dog sledding and actually visited Winter Dance, the same organizing we dog sledded with this past weekend.  I watched them mush along the same trail we traveled on; how cool is that!!

And now for Part 9,  it is a little different from the earlier designs.  The earlier patterns all had an even stitch count, whereas  Part 9 has an odd number, 17 x 17 stitches.  The border is 20 x 20 stitches.  To position the design evenly within the square outline, you will have 1 1/2 stitches (or 3 fabric threads) between the design and border outline.  There are two possible techniques when stitching this design.  One is to stitch the pattern first and then the border outline.  Click here for an alternate option.  I found this later version  less complicated.   Take care and enjoy.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dog Sledding

As many of you already know, this past weekend I traveled 3 hours north to Haliburton with my family to go dogsledding.  We headed out for our weekend getaway Saturday morning, and enjoyed the afternoon at the Pinestone Resort, just outside of  Haliburton.  On Sunday we had an enjoyable morning tobogganing, and after a lunch we drove another 45 minutes north to Winter Dance.

Upon our arrival we recieved a quick lesson on how to handle our sled and husky team.  We were given 2 main rules to remember.  Rule #1 - Keep your hands on the handle bar at all times; Rule #2 - Do not let go of the bar.  Other instructions were on how to control our team.  To get the dogs going, you gave the sled a small push and said "hike", to stop you put your foot on the brake bar and said "wooh",  and if the dogs seemed distracted by something, such as another husky's "poop", you had to say "on by" and hopefully they would keep going.



After our lesson, we were told that the first part of the trail is a little tiring, so the stronger of our pair should mush first and the other should  stand at the front of the ropes and welcome our lead dogs.  Sarah's first Husky was Nuisance, and mine was Hawk.

I wasn't quite sure if Hawk loved the scratches he was getting from me, but once Robin joined us and I would divide my attention he quietly pushed his head in between me and Robin demanding more.

With our teams all harnessed in, we were almost ready to hit the trails.

The rest of David and my team were Miyu in the middle, and Granite with Prince in the rear.

In the beginning we had quite a number of stop and starts.  Mainly because of the dogs pooing.  We were told that the dogs do not stop to pee, but if they squat to poo we should stop. The huskies running the Iditarod in Alaska are actually trained to poo on the run.

Some of the teams were also readjusted to run better.  Our Miyo  (the little white husky in the middle) was switched out with Sarah and Christopher's dog, Bear.

The trails were amazing, we even mushed over a frozen lake.

Just before heading up the steepest hill on the trail,  the guide behind us added one of his Huskies, "Mushu", to our team.  He was the only one on his sled and we needed a little more power.  After Mushu joined our team we just flew through the trail.

David & I took hundreds of trail photos, here are a few.

      At the half way mark rider and musher switched; Sarah & I got to mush and the guys sat in the sled to enjoy the ride.
When we were back alongside the frozen lake, we had our final stop.  To give "some loving to the dogs",  letting them know how good they were.  Don, our guide, also took a photo of the four of us with our team.

On the last leg of our tour, the dogs were great.  I think they already knew they were close to home.
Back at camp, while saying good bye to our dogs we also had to take care of them until the guides could unhook each one.  We were given water bowls for the dogs and one of the trainers gave each a piece of  hot dog.  Once back at the kennel they would get their dinner.
 Good bye Robin and Hawk
 Good  bye Prince and Granite
Good bye Eagle and Mushu

What an awesome weekend.  We generally take tour excursions when away on holiday but never close to home.  We were told about Winter Dance, and I loved every minute.  Ours was a 2 hour tour, and next year we're thinking of going again, but on the 4 hour tour.

Friday, February 11, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 7 + 8

So much has happened this week.
I  accomplished so much, and yet I didn't get to do some of the things I had actually set out to do.  Aside from the weekly standards- cooking, working, and sleeping, I finished 3 pillows, finalized a new design entitled "Snow Day" (that I charted on last weeks snow day) and sent it off to be painted onto canvas, enjoyed stitch night on Wednesday, and sent off emails to the local news stations and newspapers to promote the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace show in April.  Tomorrow David, the kids and I are heading up to Haliburton to go dog sledding.  The weather is supposed to be perfect on Sunday; +1ยบ C with a few flurries.  We're all anxious and very excised.  So, why not share a little excitement with all of you.  I am posting 2 patterns again this week.  Let me know what you think, after all 15 weeks is a long time.
Another reason for 2 patterns this week, is that I've been anxious to say "We're 1/2 way there", but 7 is not half of 15.  So enjoy the 8th pattern, we're 1/2 way there!!

Click here for these 2 patterns.

Friday, February 4, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 5 + Surprise

Both my husband and son are anxiously awaiting Sunday.  While the Super Bowl is on, I won't be able to budge them from the TV.  This got me thinking, whether you'll be watching the game or needing something to keep you busy while the guys are watching, why not stitch for the 3-4 hours.  Hence, this week I am posting 2 patterns,    Click Here for Patterns #5 and #6.