Friday, February 4, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu - Part 5 + Surprise

Both my husband and son are anxiously awaiting Sunday.  While the Super Bowl is on, I won't be able to budge them from the TV.  This got me thinking, whether you'll be watching the game or needing something to keep you busy while the guys are watching, why not stitch for the 3-4 hours.  Hence, this week I am posting 2 patterns,    Click Here for Patterns #5 and #6.


  1. Thank You, Thank You...It's so hard to wait each week to get the next pattern! I just love them they are so pretty.

  2. Thanks, Kathrin - I love getting two at a time -they print nicely on one sheet of paper. I tried to copy and paste the previous patterns to save paper but it didn't work for me. Oh well, it is so much fun to do these - I look forward to them each Friday. Nancy