Saturday, October 24, 2015

October's Ornament of the Month

Voila, the October mini Stocking ornament.  The black mono canvas peeks out through the orange and green.  There is also a little bit of purple running through the design, to which I managed to match the trim.   I found the trim, believe it or not, at a local Dollarama (dollar store).  The backing fabric I choose is green and the lining orange.  I love the way the stocking turned out.  Imagine it filled with Halloween treats.  Kits available at for only $9.95

Here are the colours for the November Stocking.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Guest Designer : Me

Last month I had been invited as a guest Designer by Jeannette Douglas for her weekend retreat/workshop in Cambridge.  I had a fabulous time.  

I have known Jeannette for many, many years.  Since before she published her first design, the Northern Shield Sampler.  She had visited our booth at the Creative Sewing & Needlework Festival in Toronto.  She introduced herself to my Mom and me with her stitched sampler in hand.  We loved it straight away and that was the beginning of a what I am sure will be a lifelong friendship.
For many years Jeannette had joined us at the CSNF teaching and introducing new designs, today she is world renowned in the stitching community.  So, when she invited me as the afternoon guest to display my designs, I was honoured.

I took models to represent the range of designs available under Gitta's Designs.  From my current designs I took my Tree Sampler series, my Petites - the four Seasons and Winter Walk, the Chair Necessaires and Biscornus.  From some of my older designs I took my Wildflowers afghan, which shows all 10 Provincial and 3 Territorial flowers; some of my original floral designs, landscapes, and the Nordic Santa. 
I also took a few of our Inuit children designs, which have actually been designed by my husband, David, and some of my Mother's floral designs. 

Finally, I introduced my newest release, a Bargello Scissor fob, available in 5 colour options.  In this straight forward design, there are 8 fibres that run through 2 colour ranges.  The stitched piece is then wrapped and capped, in essence making it a large bead.  The tassel is then made  from the remainder of the fibres, and with the beads and clasp the fob is complete.

The ladies were quite taken with this scissor bling, some even purchased several for their stitching friends back home.  To either gift the kits, or the completed fob.
These kits are now also available through  They can be found on either the Canvaswork page or under Gitta's Designs.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

September's Ornament of the Month

The September mini stocking reflects the colours of autumn.  Stitched on orange canvas with alternating rows of elongated cross stitches, some of the canvas peeks through the rows adding to the overall effect.  The fibre colours also reflect autumn foliage.

I know the full blown colours of autumn are more visible in October, but the upcoming October mini stocking will reflect the colours of another October event ....



Sunday, August 30, 2015

August's Ornament of the Month

I know I'm a little late posting this, but I hope this cliche holds true- better late than never.
The older I get, the more I fall behind.  Where has August gone?  Where has our summer gone? I can't believe September is just around the corner, and with it go all the lazy days of summer.  Although, I don't feel like my summer reflects this cliche - my days have been filled with plenty to do.  Whether it was work, or family, very few days have felt like my own, and even fewer have felt lazy.
But, I also cannot say that I have not enjoyed my summer.  I have enjoyed getting out for more walks with my husband, and the last few months have also been filled with a few road trips.  I have  grown to greatly enjoy long road trips, as they provide me with time to catch up on some of my stitching.  And this summer I have managed to complete two "Road Trip" needlepoint projects.  Early August we drove down to Chicago for a family wedding, where we met up with friends and family we do not always see, and there have been a few road trips up to my Dad's cottage.  Although work at the house has been a little slow over the summer,  there is also our continuous renovation.  This September David is hopeful to be ready for the final heating inspection, after which I am hopeful he can finally put up some drywall and the place can get closer to being finished.

But, let's get back to the reason for this post - the Stocking of the month.  The August stocking ornament is composed of 3 different fibres, Pebbly Perle, Treasure Braid, and Velour.  The colours I choose reflect the colours of I see around me at the cottage, blue and green - water and trees.  The result I feel, is the same way I feel when I am up north- refreshing.    The kits have been available at, and there are still a few remaining. 

Hope all of you have had a great summer, and enjoy the remainder of it.
The September ornament has been inspired by the colours of Autumn.  Here is a sneak peek at the threads and canvas selection. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July's Ornament of the Month

On my last post I had given a sneak peek at the colours I choose for our July ornament, and here it is all finished.  The stocking was actually designed by Cynthia Thomas for this year's ornament collection by Rainbow Gallery.
There are 12 in the series, and although we're just starting in July, we will still manage to finish 6 in time for Christmas.
I loved this one for July, because the Ray stitches, with some added metallic and beads remind me of fireworks.  And seeing that we celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day this month,  I felt it was an appropriate selection.

We have a limited number of kits, and the fibre and bead pack is $9.95.  These stockings are a quick stitch for canvas stitchers of all levels.  Click here if you would like to order the kit.

Here are the colours for the August stocking.  August being prime vacation month with dreams of spending time up north In the woods by water, the colour selection should be of no surprise.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm back!

OMG, has it really been that long since I last posted on my blog.  It's not that I have nothing to say, so many things fly through my brain, especially when I am in the shower.  It's just that I never manage to get them down on paper, or should I say keyboard.
Earlier this month I attended the Columbus TNNA, The National Needleworks Assocation, with Monika.  This is a huge trade show for Knitting, Needlepoint, and some Counted Thread.  We had a great time touching base with many of our suppliers and seeing what they had new for the market.

It is an overwhelming and exhausting experience.  Visually you are bombarded with new fibres, both feel and colour selections; a multitude of fabulous hand painted canvases; finishing techniques, and finished models.  Logically I am confronted with the fact that I can not have it all in the shop and must make hard decisions based on space and what will appeal to our stitchers.

And then there is the sheer size of the market.  On the first day we didn't even complete 1/3 of the booths.  So on the second day we had to put it into high gear, and we did manage to peek at every booth.

All in all, I think we ordered some wonderful new patterns, and added some new must have gadgets and fibres to our inventory.
Some of what we had ordered is slowly trickling in, and just today the new Mill Hill kits for Christmas have arrived.  Visit our What's New page, as some have already been posted and the others will go up as they arrive.

I was also inspired with many needlepoint canvases and Rainbow Galleries pattern of the month collection.

As we had done many years ago, we will stitch up, finish and kit one of these patterns each month starting in July.

Here is a sneak peek at the colours and fibres we used for the first mini stocking.

Come back in July to see the finished project.  A limited number of kits will available in the shop and on-line.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Colour Sense

At the end of January I had tweeted about wanting to start the June pattern in the 2015 Cross Stitch & Needlework Calendar.  I had been looking for my next needlepoint project, and was completely taken with this design.  Although intended for cross stitch, but being composed of only full stitches, it would be very easy for me to needlepoint.
I converted the floss colours to tapestry wool and cut a 10 count mono canvas.  I went home that night quite excited to start something new.  Two weeks later I couldn't understand why I had not yet put needle to canvas. 
As I discussed this with a friend, she had pointed out that those were not in my usual colour choices.  I think  I had originally chosen the vibrant pinks and greens, to pull me out of the winter blahs and dream of a spring that still seemed far away.  However, having wanted to finish this pattern into a needlepoint pillow, I think in the back of my mind I could also not picture it anywhere in my home.  So I converted the colours to the colours I love - teal and muddy olive (usually referred to by me as puky) green.

I've been stitching every night since then.  This is how far I got on my first evening.  Viewing my progress in daylight the next morning, I was unsatisfied with the lighter two greens.  I continued with the flowers, but selected new shades of green when I was back in the shop.
It's now been 3 weeks and here is my progress.  I think that by the end of this week I will be done, with the stitching that is.

Stitching Tip:  The background was not composed of only one colour.  There are defined areas of 3 colours.  Rather than following each symbol and counting row by row, I  stitched the border around each area and then simply filled it in.  This is a great idea for several reasons.
One -  if you miscount, there is less to unpick and less fibre wastage.
Two - you only have to concentrate while stitching around the edge.
Three - when filling in each area, you can pay more attention to the TV, movie, or conversation.

This can be applied to smaller areas as well.  Try it on your next project.  If cross stitching, you can also only stitch the bottom stitch of your cross and later complete the stitches by going over them with the top portion of the cross stitch.  This is only a suggestion if working with solid coloured threads.