Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stitching at Second Cup

I spent my morning stitching in the Second Cup at York University, and had a wonderful time.  It was 2 hours of uninterrupted stitching!!
My daughter had an exam - apparently weekend exams are not uncommon  now - and a few weeks ago I had volunteered to drive her.  At first I thought I'll do a bit of shopping, but as this day approached the idea of searching for a parking spot and then fighting the crowds, made me cringe at the thought. So what else to do?  I have been wanting to continue  my "Cottage Garden" sampler by Thea Dueck for quite a while, but never found the time.  So I packed my portable light, bought myself a coffee, and stitched - thoroughly enjoying myself.  Along with an electric fireplace, the Second Cup also had some wonderful music selections.  One set was a Caribbean mix, making me think back to a wonderful vacation we spent in the Dominican Republic.
I never manage this at home, and maybe the "at home" is my mistake.  So this is my advice for today - grab your stitching and leave home.  Find yourself a nice spot  in the local Second Cup, Starbucks, or McCafe and stitch.  You may even meet other stitchers.

This is how far I got.  I managed to finish the cottage roof, and another 3 and a bit rows.  The hardanger I'm going to finish when I take my linen off the frame.  I needle weave nicer when I'm holding it in hand.


  1. 2 whole hours! Heaven ... lovely piece!

  2. I would love 2 hours of stitching.

  3. apparently she's still lost in her stitching there...

  4. I love second cup, especially to wind down after a long day! Second Cup is just wonderful!