Friday, July 15, 2011

Write a Review

We are adding a new feature to our website, www.gittas.comto give our stitchers a voice and make the website more informative,      "Write a Review"

Have you ever wanted to post a comment about a pattern you've been working on?  Good or Bad, it's all good!!  Well here is your chance to advise, excite and even warn your fellow stitchers !!!!

We invite you to write a review on any kit or pattern posted on our website.  Your comments can include your impressions of the presentation; ease or difficulty of following the chart/instructions and how you overcame & compensated; any changes you made to the original pattern; your impressions of the finished piece; and so on.

It's very easy,  just write down your thoughts and email these with a photo of your stitched piece to our webmaster.  The photo is optional, but if your piece is different from the original, we'd love to see it. 

My first review is on " Garden Fair" by the Courtney Collection.
(I first blogged about this pattern on May 27th).


  1. Sooo... where do I go to read the review(s)? Help! I've looked and looked on, and have had no luck finding it yet.


  2. On the home page is a link to Write a Review. It was posted this morning, so it may not have been up yet for those early risers.