Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparing for Gitta's Christmas Open House

I spent the weekend finishing Christmas ornaments for our Christmas Open House this coming Saturday, December 3rd.  Every year at the Christmas Open House we take the opportunity to thank you, our customers - without you the shop would not be here. 

As a special thank you this year, I designed a flying reindeer.  Mary was kind enough to stitch it for me as I was busy putting together the thank you packages for the Open House.  Ietje was so taken with the design that she also stitched him in her favourite colour - red.

Every year the shop is decorated for Christmas, goodies are baked, a thank you gift is prepared for our visitors, and shop discounts are marked.  My sister even visited this year for a few days to help deocorate the shop.  She did a fabulous job on the shop window, and she'll be back in time to help for the Open House.  

I would like to invite all of you to join us this Saturday 
December 3rd, to celebrate the Holiday Season 
with shop specials, goodies and lots of Christmas Cheer.


  1. Your reindeer is adorable! Is there any possible way for those in a different country to get a copy of the chart? Thanks.

  2. Hello - I love the reindeer you're doing for your thanks you there a way to receive it since I cannot attend your open house - I live in Arizona!


  3. I realize many of you are unable to drop by the shop, so I had planned to post the chart of the Reindeer as a little Christmas gift to all of you. This evening I posted some photos of the Open House onto my facebook. Here is the link to the album