Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year

What is it about making resolutions for the beginning of a new year?  Is it because at the beginning of a new year everything is possible, we can become renewed ourselves?  But it never takes long before we seek our comforts and fall into old routines.  So this year I made none,  if I had -I probably would have broken them already.

I had a week off over Christmas, visiting with David's family in Ottawa and enjoying all the festivities of Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations.  Now a week later I already find myself  engrossed in the hecticness of the shop.  Not that I don't enjoy the store, I do - but I always feel like there is so much to do and so little time.
And this year I am already overwhelmed with all that still needs to be done before Gitta's Getaway and the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace.   The NWMP is a stitching show for all stitchers.

Similar to last year's Collaboration project at the NWMP, the designers are again offering a free chart to everyone attending the show.  Last April, as you may recall, was a 15 sided biscornu (see my March 2011 posts) .  This year's project is a Spring Sampler.
The border will be made available to everyone as they enter the show and then it is up to you to visit each designer and collect their free chart portion of the collaboration sampler.  As a little sneek peek for this year's Collaboration Project, here is the layout of the sampler and the spots designated to each designer so far.  There are still 2 designers missing, Northern Pine Designs and Sew Fancy.  This year will be an awesome show with 13 wonderful designers exhibiting, teaching, and passing on their love and knowledge of needlearts.

Monika, one of Gitta's gang, is stitching the model to display at the Market.  I am almost done designing mine.  I also still have to complete my workshop for the show and the exclusive workshop that will be offered to Gitta's Getaway attendees.

All this plus much more has to be done in the next 3 months.  
It will be a frantic 3 months, but all will be done.


  1. Hi, Kathrin - Happy New Year to you too. Will you be posting the outline for the sampler in advance? I know - one more thing for you to think about. :)) Thanks! Looking forward to the Getaway. Nancy W.

  2. Hi Nancy, Sorry you'll have to wait until April. See you then. Kathrin

  3. HI Kathrin I have just found your blog and would like to thank you for all the nice free charts. I have a niece living in Toronto so if I ever get to see her I will add your shop to places to visit. I think I will wait until winter is over though.

  4. Hi Denise, Thank you. Love to see you. If you're up our way in April, we also host a stitching show and this year we have 13 designers exhibiting.