Saturday, May 12, 2012

I wish an Angel for you!

Many of you may have seen me wearing this pendant at the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace last month.  I had designed and stitched this Angel in secret, as I wanted it to be as much as a surprise for my mother as it was to be for our Gitta's Getaway 2012 attendees.  (The hinged pendant is available at Gitta's)

It all started with a Christmas card my mother received from my cousin in Germany.  Inside the card my cousin had inserted a poem "Ich wuensch einen Engel fuer Dich" by Annemarie Wagner .  My mother was greatly moved, both by the sentiment and the poem.  So much so that she asked me to translate the poem into English as she wanted to share it with everyone at our (at that time) upcoming GG Retreat.  With the already large workload and plans for the Retreat my mother was quite accepting of the fact that I may not find the time.  However, the closer we got to our Retreat and many of the plans being completed, I found myself thinking more and more about the poem.   So I translated the poem, charted and stitched the Angel all in secret.  Then with the help of my daughter, we laminated the chart and the poem into a bookmark, and presented it to everyone at the Banquet Dinner.  And it being Mother's Day tomorrow, I wanted to share it with all of you.

On the front of the bookmark, on a feathery cloud,
was a photo of the pendant with the poem. 
 This is the poem translated into English:

I wish an angel for you
to protect you always,
with all its love and goodness
through the day and through the night

I wish an angel for you, 
to sooth your soul 
through all your pain and sadness,
 now and for eternity

 I wish an angel for you
to be by your side always
when you are in the darkness
and guide you to the light

On the reverse side of the bookmark was the chart with stitching instructions.
Click here for your angel.

I wish an Angel for each and everyone of you. 
 Take care and  have a great Mother's Day


  1. What a beautiful thing to do, Kathrin. The sentiment is lovely and the way you shared it was very thoughtful! You are an angel!!!


  2. what a wonderful poem - do you know the author? I would love to know. If it is not to much work could you tell me?
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Sophie, the original poem is in German, and the author is Annemarie Wagner