Sunday, November 11, 2012

Carolyn's "My Way" Class & Square #12

This weekend we were once again exhilarated by a knowledgable designer, Carolyn Mitchell, and her wonderful design entitled  "My Way".  This photo is of Carolyn's colours, but many were truely inspired by the designs title, and choose their own colour palette.

It was a 3 day Workshop and every morning as I was opening the shop, several of the ladies were already waiting infront of the shop, ready for another great day.  It was a great weekend of learning, handling different fibres, playing with our colour palettes, and making new friends. 

By Sunday afternoon, they all wanted to see Carolyn's other workshop projects and make plans for another weekend, to be held November 2013.

It was a wonderful weekend of sharing our love of stitching, all while learning and being inspired by a wonderful instructor.

Square #12 Open Trellis Filling

This stitch builds on the previous stitch from last week, so you will first need to stitch the Diagonally Raised Band Filling first.

Click here for the instructions and stitch diagrams

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