Thursday, February 21, 2013

Square #16 for the 4x4 Pulled Thread Sampler

Here is the final 16th square for those of you that, like Monika, decided to stitch the Pulled Thread Stitch-A-Long as a 4 x 4 square Sampler instead of the 15 sided Biscornu.  The border for the 16 Square Sampler was posted on my August 3rd, 2012 blog.

Click Here for the stitch diagram and stitching instructions

 Monika could not find a Wildflower fibre that appealed to her, so she choose a Thread Gatherer silk SNC 059 Gilded Lavender, Delica beads 372V and 117V,  DMC's 154, 469 & 935, DMC Perle cotton 3823, and all this on 32ct Belfast Linen Willow Green.

Rather than complete all 15 squares again for a biscornu, she decided to make a 2 sided biscornu, with 4 squares on each side.  It turned out great.  A quick solution for those of you that have enough of (or just don't want to stitch) 15 sided bisconrus.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I hope you had a great time looking through your stash of fabric and variegated fibres, choosing your colour palette, stitching (whether it was your first pulled thread project or not) and completing your biscornu.

I know I had a great time helping everyone that dropped by the shop to choose their hand dyed Wildflower fibre, fabric and beads, and then seeing the finished pieces.  Some of you have even taken my design one (or two) steps further - great job ladies.

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