Friday, March 8, 2013

The Miracles of Rice Water

I was given this plant 10 years ago.  It had belonged to a family friend, who had many of these in her sun room, and when she passed away they all found loving homes among family & friends.  I always remember them in full bloom, yet mine has never bloomed for me in all these years.  Not having a green thumb, I had tried many different locations in my house and plant food to no avail.

About a month ago, my Dad had told me to water my plants with rice water.  When washing your rice, keep the discarded water and use it to water your flowering plants.

Just look at mine. 
Above is the photo I took last Sunday, and the one on the right I took this morning.

Over the past week I have been sitting at my kitchen table enjoying these blooms in my bay window (north facing - go figure), and finalizing my workshop for our Stitchers' Retreat next month.  There is still room if any of you are still thinking of attending this all-inclusive luxurious weekend of fun, stitching, games, prizes, gourmet food,  and meeting other stitchers. Just visit the Gitta's Getaway blog for more information.


  1. Beautiful plant...I used to have one of these many years ago...had to give it away when we started doing volunteer work out of the country.
    Do you remember the name of it? I'd love to get another one some day...

  2. Beautiful plant! I've never had one like this

  3. I didn't know the name of this plant myself, but Monika (one of the ladies in the shop) our plant guru has informed me it is a Clivia. It is a member of the Amaryllidaceae family native to South Africa. It was her mom, from whom I had received this plant.

    1. Right...that rings a bell...thanks! Sometimes the old brain just needs gentle prodding, LOL

  4. You must be so excited! Don't you just love it when all of a sudden, things like this happen? Especially after waiting for so long. I always wash my rice, but will be saving that rice water from now on. Thank you so sharing, and I would love to see more pictures when it is in full bloom. Love the color of it.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  5. thanks for this great tip, Kathrin. I will 'wash some rice' right away, lol. your plants are beautiful!