Friday, April 12, 2013

Stitch Night with Brenda Franklin

This past Wednesday for stitch night Brenda Franklin was at the shop teaching all of us (me included) her "Altered Chain".  I had been wanting to do this since I first saw it in her suite (booth) at the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace 2 years ago.

I didn't get too far with mine, mainly because I changed my bead colour half way through the lesson.  But I am so pleased with my second choice.

Care had to be taken when starting, as the chain might twist, but once you get going it was easy.
Brenda then also showed us how to end the chain by attaching the finding with a figure 8 finishing technique, and how to add extra beading thread in case you run out.

By having attached the beads to a simple aluminum chain, the chain becomes strong enough to use as a purse handle and eyeglass chain.  I personally wanted to learn this technique so I could make a low cost, but gorgeous nametag lanyard.  I once ruined a top by pinning my nametag to it;  the pin had left a hole that didn't close up once the pin was removed.

Another big hit was Brenda's beaded rose bud pattern,  her  contribution to the Designer Collaboration Sampler.  Brenda has used delica beads, although she has also listed their matching DMC thread colours.  She has made several kits, so there is no need to buy full bead vials.  The pattern is free, but the bead kit is $3.95.  The bead kit also includes beading thread and a quick instruction.

Brenda will be in the shop again on April 20th for her workshop "Demented Cross Stitch", during which she will show you how much fun you can have by breaking all the rules.  Her design for the workshop is adorable, and she plans to break 10 rules.  Personally I can only think of 2 cross stitch rules, so if nothing else the workshop will be quite educating.

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