Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A stitching and working weekend

The summer officially began for me this past weekend.  Not only was the weather fabulous, it was also our first weekend back up at my parents' cottage.  Although there is always work involved in  re-opening the cottage for the summer, I did find time to relax by the lake and stitch.

 And one of us was even gutsy enough to brave the still FREEZING lake (only 5 weeks ago it was still frozen in spots)

It was a very successful weekend.  My parents were pleased with all the work we accomplished and I completed the next designer square on the Designer of the Month Collaboration Sampler.  It's adorable, but I'll make you wait until next month to see it.

I also started a new needlepoint project.
I always have at least one needlepoint project on the go.   These are great for stitching in the car, because the canvas is a 10 or 11 count (easy on the eyes on bumpy roads), and the wool is a single ply.  I generally choose a painted canvas, but I was so taken with this pattern by Iryna Varabei, our "Designer of the Month"  for this month, I couldn't wait to get started.

Iryna has also stitched hers in the continental stitch (pattern available in the Spring 2012 ANPT magazine), but with DMC floss on a 24 count canvas. She then finished hers into a small rug, great for a doll house or mouse pad.  Obviously just by the difference in the canvas count, mine will be larger and I will finish mine into a needlepoint pillow.  While converting the cotton into wool, I also changed two of the colours: I changed her corals into golds.  Once finished this will look great in my family room, and with all the driving we will be doing this summer it shouldn't take too long.

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