Friday, August 23, 2013

The Toronto Sampler

While having breakfast this morning I was flipping through some of my regular tv channels, and one thing caught my eye on "Property Virgins".  I love home renovation shows, but I only watch this program when nothing better is on, and such was the case this morning.

On "Property Virgins" a couple, ready to purchase their first home, is shown 3 houses/condos.  From these they are then assisted in the purchase of their preferred property.  In this morning's episode, as the couple was viewing the 3rd house I spied a bell pull hanging on the entrance wall.  It was Jeannette Douglas' Toronto Sampler.  How awesome is that?

What made it even more thrilling for me is that chances are pretty good that the sampler may have been purchased at Gitta's.  The stitcher may even have taken the workshop at Gitta's.   We have had Jeannette Douglas teaching twice at the shop, once for the Toronto Sampler and once for the Mississauga Sampler.  She will also be our Designer of the Month this October.


  1. One day I hope to visit your store and purchase that sampler. I live in Saudi Arabia but my niece and her family live in Toronto. Your shop is just another excuse for me to visit.

  2. Now how kewl is that!! What a coincidence.