Friday, September 27, 2013

Swedish Weaving - Guardian Angel

Christine Allan, Gitta's Designer of the Month, has designed a Guardian Angel as her contribution to our Collaboration Sampler.   The colours we chose for her design are Kreinik's #8 braid 5011 for the metallic,  3849 DMC & 3847 DMC.
As Lugana does not have a float like Huck type fabrics have, you will stitch over 2 fabric threads and then under 2 fabric threads. 

The appeal of swedish (or huck) weaving patterns, aside from being a quick stitch, is that you can simply repeat the pattern to any desired length.  Below I stitched Christine's Guardian Angle on Stockholm 11ct fabric, repeating the pattern 3 times.  Being 10" wide, I plan to finish this into a zippered case.

Here is a look at the Collaboration Sampler thus far.  It's not too late to catch up; purchase a pattern from any of the participating designers thus far, and collect all the designs.

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