Sunday, October 20, 2013

Returning Home

This past week, I, along with my Dad and sister,  fulfilled one of my Mom's last wishes.  She wanted a portion of her ashes to return to her native Germany, so she could be reunited with her parents.  Her own mother's death devastated her, and today the two are together again.

My Grandparent's family plot is in the "Waldfriedhof" (Forest Cemetery) in our home town of Wuerzburg.   Most of the family was present as we remembered my Mom, and shared in her love of family.

She was always torn between her love for her family back home and her family here in Canada.  She now rests both here and there; she will forever be with all of us, in our hearts for eternity.

While in Wuerzburg, my Dad took my sister & I on an excursion through town.  He showed us where he had his first apartment, where my Mother worked,  and where they first met.  "Tanzcafe Ludwig" is still there, it just moved up to the second floor in the building behind us.  Today it is a trendy nightclub.

It was an absolutely wonderful day.  Although my Mom was not with us, I would like to think that she was.

One spring I want to try to fulfill one more of my Mother's wishes.  In the last years of her illness, she had wanted to make a pilgrimage to Israel and walk along the "Jesus Trail".  She had wanted to do this herself this past spring, but  was already too weak by then. Hopefully next spring we will be able to take the walk in her place.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. That was a wonderful thing to do for your mom. I hope you get to take the next step next year.