Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Biscornu Fob

Even if you are not stitching along with the "Designer of the Month" Sampler, each individual design can also be stitched singly.
I finished my free pattern for the sampler as a mini biscornu to be used as a scissor fob.
For the biscornu I made 2 changes to the pattern.  Instead of using 3012 DMC for the border, I used the Thread Gatherer SNC066, Granite.  I then added a back stitch all around the square right up against the cross stitched border using 517 DMC.  I used this outline to sew the 2 biscornu sides together.
Finally, I did not stitch the centre eyelet as it would have been covered up by the button.
I used a blue pearl shank button, available at Gitta's.  It looks so cute, like a pearl resting in an oyster.

Click here for the pattern itself.  For biscornu finishing instructions please visit my blog from June 30, 2011.


  1. Hi,

    May i know where i can get this free pattern?i want to try to make a biscornu as i never try one before.thanks in advance

  2. Hi Lily, I have updated this blog to include the chart. You can also find a link to the chart on my June 8th blog.