Friday, November 14, 2014

Stitching with Lorene

Wednesday evening, Lorene was in the shop teaching a Canvaswork workshop.  The project was her Chantilly biscornu.
Having brought some of their own fibre stash from home, we first worked on selecting our colours.  This was a lot of fun.  One even selected colours outside of her usual compfort zone, but it was right on target with mine.  I can't wait to see them all complete.

This image shows both the top and bottom of the Lorene's biscornu.  It's a great project for canvas stitchers of all levels.  I love how the colours are interwoven and layered. 

Lorene has been designing for several years, and she joins the greats in what she brings  to canvaswork. 
One of her newest designs available for sale is
Ave del Paraiso.  It shows off her insight in colour, stitches, and creativity.  Even the background is spectacular; it is subtle, delicate and intricate all at the same time.  The end result is  mesmerizing.

In one of her teaching pieces she combines colours, such as orange and turquise.  One would never think of combining these, yet they blend together seamlessly and look like they belong together.
Having Lorene's models up on display in the shop,  I find myself checking them out every time I pass by.

They will remain up until our Christmas Open House, so drop by and see for yourself.

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