Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coffee anyone?

Having received our Caron Collection order in the shop this past week, one of the Watercolors, Sable #196 was perfect for the coffee swirl in my coffee design.  I released this design, Coffee,  last year, having stitched it in petit point and finishing it as a fridge magnet.  For the petit point model Dinky Dyes' #152 Kat's Cat perfectly created a creamy swirl in the coffee.  On the 10 count canvas I felt the silk would not be thick enough over the canvas, but wanting to maintain a similar effect, I needed an over-dyed wool or a Caron Collection Watercolor.
I had started stitching it in needlepoint on the drive to exhibit at the Stitching Jubilee (my husband and I travel to various stitching shows in the US to display and sell our designs) last October and finished it shortly after our return.  It then sat unfinished, until I could find THE hand-dyed fibre.   Satisfied with this "Sable" colour I could finally finish my pillow.  Last night I filled in the area stitching in a circular motion; always around the perimeter working my way into the center.  Thus the changing tones in the hand-dyed fiber create the creamy swirl in the coffee.  And today I sewed the pillow together.  I love it !!!

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  1. You continually surprise me with unerring innovations, Kathrin! Stitching the overdyed thread around in a circle to mimic the shape of the coffee cup and the swirls in the coffee from stirring it? Absolutely brilliant!