Friday, June 3, 2011

A weekend of Stitching

Heading up north for the weekend.
Of course the first thing I have to pack is my stitching bag.
This is our first Cottage weekend this year, so it will be a working weekend as well.  All the garden furniture, and gazebo have to be set up.  I'm hopeful that between all the Cottage chores I'll get some stitching done -  I know I won't run out of projects to stitch.

I needlepoint in the car, and with my Coffee pillow finished I needed a new needlepoint project ( not that I don't have any at home).  One of the shipments that arrived this week were silk screned double weave canvases from Europe.  I loved them all, but the colours in this one will look great in my sitting area off of the kitchen.  Another shipment that has recently arrived in the shop is of needleart tools and keychains.  I searched through the shop for some cute little house or car design that would fit into one of the key chain openings.  Then it hit me, the perfect motif would be a key.  So why not design one quickly to take with me?  Click here for this origianl key design.
Of course the Garden Fair sampler has to be taken, and my final project I am taking is my little surprise for all of you on Canada Day.  I had been working on this over the past week, but then the key chains arrived.
Other projects that I have been working on lately are the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace website for April 14-15, 2012, the new Designer Collaboration Sampler for the Market, my exclusive workshop for Gitta's Getaway 2012, and the mate for my Coffee design, Tea.  But I decided to take this weekend off from all of that and stitch! How fun is that!  Have a great weekend.

I'll post the photo of my key chain next week, with the finishing instructions.


  1. Kathrin, I've been unable to get the pattern to load. I've tried FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome. Maybe there is something wrong with the file?

  2. I'm not sure why it's not working. I'm following the same process I did with all the others. I'll try again tonight

  3. Got back to check and I can download it now. Thank you!