Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Key's done!

I had a hard time making up my mind if I should blend the gold with the variegated silk or not, as the variation within the silk was not that visible. But not wanting to ignore my own instructions I stitched it as directed on the pattern (posted in my June 3rd blog).  And then it dawned on me, the key chain is clear, so rather than seeing the back of my stitching I decided to stitch it again using two strands of silk and omitting the gold.  The handle is unchanged, but I flipped the teeth to the other side of the key shaft, and the initials I stitched in 1 strand of the gold on the other side.  Now with both completed,  I still can’t make up my mind which I like more.

Lay the key chain opening over the stitched piece to mark the cut line, by pulling out those linen threads.   
Then run a bead of Fray Check along the track created by pulling out the linen thread.  As a warning - be careful Fray Check does not dry clear.   I cut off  too much of the bottle tip, and too much liquid flowed out at once.

The Fray Check soaked into the linen beyond my cut line.  So I dabbed Fray Check over the entire fabric. Fray Check, once dry stiffens the fabric so before it dries pull on the linen to straighten it.


Once dry, you can cut along the track that was created when you pulled out the linen thread, without the fabric fraying.  


When all cut out, lay the two pieces back to back, insert into the key chain, and push cover into place.

And here it is all done.
P.S. At Stitch night this evening (Wednesday, June 8, 2011) we came up with a few suggestions regarding the key chain, and I wanted to share these with you : 
1) Instead of Fray Check, white glue could be applied with a tooth pick.  The white glue will dry clear. 
2) I had thought about using perforated paper, as it can be cut to size without fraying.  However, I had needed a 20 stitch count/ inch.  Depending on the stitch count of your design it may fit into the key chain on 14ct Perforated paper
3)  There are 4 different key chain shapes available at Gitta's.  These can be viewed on Gitta's website and are $2.95 each.

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  1. How lovely! and a great tutorial. I did not know about Fray Check before.