Friday, October 21, 2011

Blast from the past.

This past week I visit my oldest and dearest friend at her new home.  My housewarming gift to her was one she had requested, a biscornu.  Ever since she spied the bowl of biscornu's at Gitta's Getaway this past April, she just had to have one.   Not being a cross stitcher herself, I stitched one for her in her favourite colour - purple.
To my surprise I was not the only one bearing a gift.  While packing for her move she had come across a photo she had taken of me at Gitta's, the original shop.
She had taken this photo in 1995.  What fascinates me with this photo, besides my polka-dotted top, is the size of our fabric corner, just 2 shelving units, and the collection of specialty fibres just to the right of the fabric shelves.  Today our selection of linens, evenweaves, aidas, and canvases have their own "room" (about 1/3 of the shop),  and our selection of specialty fibres has expanded greatly to the entire fibre collections from numerous silk and cotton floss dyers.
The floor space of the old shop was only about 1/4 of what we have today.  In 1995 we would have been in this shop 9 years and already bursting at the seams.  It was the following year that we moved just 10 shops down the road, to our current location.


  1. What a fab photo! You haven't changed abit (apart from the polka dot top!)

  2. WOW! I remember it was so small and jam packed full of goodies. What store is in that location now?

  3. There was a nail/spa in there for just over 10 years, then accupunture/massage, and now it's been empty for just under a year. - Sad