Sunday, October 2, 2011

Out Numbered

Petit Point model
The newest design in our Inuit series is Out Numbered.  Being a petit pointer at heart, we stitched our model in petit point, using the continental (tent) stitch on silk gauze.  While visiting with David's family on the Canada Day long weekend, my mother-in-law had cross stitched these cute little playful Huskies and gave it to her granddaughter for her birthday.  David & I loved it, so once we were home I arranged to have it cross stitched for the shop.  The friend that stitched it, loved the design's title as much as the design.  She wanted me to chart the title "Out Numbered" so she could stitch it as part of the finished piece.  While we were away on holiday in Alaska she finished the stitching and my mother framed it.  They wanted it done as a surprise on our return home.  It looks fantastic, David was pleased with the finished piece, and here it is!
Cross stitched model
As the charted wording is not part of the original chart pack, Click here for this additional chart of  "Out Numbered".  I will also add it to the Gitta's website as a free companion chart to G-139.  Enjoy.

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