Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I would recommend a variegated red thread
On the radio the other day, the hosts were discussing why women always expect their man to take charge and arrange something special for Valentine's Day.  The callers, all men, were mixed in their opinions - one gentleman claimed that he loves Valentine's Day because it's a great opportunity to score points with his Mrs.  I quite enjoyed the banter, mainly because it's SOOO true.  Women, including myself, expect our significant other to make us feel loved and appreciated, but men have this desire as well (so I'm told).  This got me thinking; this year I will take charge and do something special for him - well us. 
And although Valentine's Day in the commercial media is sold to us as a day to spend money on our significant other, it can be so much more and why is it only for the one day.  Make the time and take every opportunity to let all those, special in your life, know that they are loved and appreciated.  Only those things that truely sooth our soul are free - family, friends and love.

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  1. Thanks for this chart. I have already stitched hubby a card this year but this is such a sweet design I could put it inside the card!!