Friday, July 20, 2012

This is how my sampler looks today.  I'm so pleased with it so far.   I was hoping to have had it finished this week, but life got in the way.  I don't know what it is about summer; although the days are longer, it feels like we have less time.

Simular to my previous tree samplers the palm leaf is faintly visible in the background, and all the images indicate products from or items we associate with each tree.  Oh my!! I only just realized  I forgot to include the year.  Well, I guess I'm back to ripping - it's too much to restitch and I'm so anxious to get started on my next Stitch A-Long  (SAL)project.

Over the past two weeks, I've had a great time playing with fabric and thread colour options for my next SAL

I've been playing with design ideas for another SAL for quite some time, and once I had it straight in my mind I couldn't wait to get started with choosing fabric and thread colours.  So, over the past two weeks I've been doing just that.  Playing with fibres and threads sooths my soul.  When choosing thread colours for this kind of project I start by picking a variegated silk and then coordinating the other threads and fabric colour to it, but this time I wanted to select a colour very different from my usual.  The result, I realized, is that I love them all.
 This will be a pulled thread project so I selected a variegated Wildflowers (stronger than silk) by the Caron Collection.  And although initally they were out of my comfort zone, by the time I matched the solid thread colours and fabric, they looked fabulous. 
These 4 colour combinations were my favourite.  I have to choose one, or stitch it more than once.


  1. lovely! If you need someone to help stitch your SAL in another colour - let me know! :)