Friday, July 27, 2012

Needles Required!!

Someone once told me  " There are only 2 rules to needleart.  1) The thread must go through the needle and 2) The needle must go through the fabric.  Everything else is a suggestion".  I never forgot these words of wisdom.  I only have one thing to add - You MUST have the right needle!

I was so excited to get away last weekend.  We went up north to my parent's cottage,  I love it there.  I had all my stitching projects packed, but nothing worked out as planned.  First I wanted to finishing my Palm Tree sampler, but I lost my needle. I had others with me of course, but none were as fine or finer than a tapestry #28.  To petit point on a 32ct silk gauze, the tapestry #28 is the best.  Why I only had the one with me I have no idea;  I always have spare needles packed just in case.  So, next on my list was my "Stitching for a Cure" needlepoint pillow, but I couldn't work with the wool for too long.  I generally avoid wool in the summer, because my hands start to sweat and then the rest of me overheats.  I worked on it on and off, because I want to finish the pillow and display it in the shop to help raise more money for our Cancer drive.  The full amount of all donations will go towards the Credit Valley Hospital's Cancer Centre Phase III.   So then, I worked on my next Stitch-A-Long;  a pulled thread 15 sided biscornu.  With this too, I didn't get far.  Once I started stitching the design I quickly realized that it was not working out as I had envisioned it in my mind.  So this too got tucked back into my bag.

But all was not lost.  The weather was great,  I swam in the lake every day and played cards in the afternoon.

This past week I managed to fix my sampler, finish it and stretch it.
I love it!  It looks great!   The Caron Collection Waterlilies I choose is  perfect for this tree.  I should have the chart available for sale within the next few weeks.

 I also managed to give my biscornu a rethink.  I'm very excited with the new plan and will share the outcome with you next week.  If everything works out this time, it will be even better!

Have a great weekend.

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