Friday, August 3, 2012

Pulled Thread Stitch-A-Long

I've had a number of hectic eveings this past week, but I managed to complete enough of the design and prepare the chart for this first post.  I enjoyed my 15 sided biscornu so much last year, that I wanted to design another.  However, more of the same would be boring, so it had to be unique.  This time each square will be comprised of a pulled thread stitch.  With last year's biscornu, I know some of you prefered the sampler over the biscornu.  So this time I completed the border pattern first.  This way you can opt to stitch the sampler, the biscornu or both.  I, for one will stitch both.  Here is my sampler so far.
I have a different bead surrounding each square, because I wasn't happy with my first bead choice.  The one I reaaly like is the one on the left, a soft aqua.  

I have even completed two border layouts, a 3 x 5 square sampler and a 4 x 4 square sampler.  For the 4 x 4, I am creating more work for myself, as the 16th square will be an initials square.  Something I hope to complete before we all reach the 15th square.
Another twist to this project is that my 4 x 4 sampler will become the lid of a fabric box, and the matching biscornu one of my stitching treasures to be kept within it.

So choose your layout and lets get started.

Click here for the Colour key & stitching instructions.
Feel free to choose your own colours by first choosing your variegated fibre.
Click here for the 3 square X 5 square Sampler layout.
Click here for the 4 square X 4 square Sampler layout.

For those of you wanting only to stitch the biscornu.  All you will need is a variegated Wildflower, a Perle Cotton #12 to match your linen colour, a solid DMC floss, and bead.  You can replace the Wildflower with a variegated silk or cotton, but these will need to be layed with a laying tool.


  1. Thank you for this new design. I'm hoping to keep up this time...

  2. I know that the 15 sided pulled thread biscornu is from long ago, but what fabric do you suggest using? thank you.

  3. It appears that Box no longer has the .pdf files for this project. Are they available anywhere?