Friday, August 17, 2012

Pulled Thread - Square #2

2. Spaced Satin Stitch

This pulled thread stitch is not as open looking as the Satin Step stitch;  it is a great filler stitch and ideal for backgrounds.

I was away this past week, and all I took with me to stitch was my SAL pulled thread project.   I almost finished stitching the border for a 4 x 3 square sampler.  I came to the realization that on 28ct linen a 4 x 4 sampler would be quite large for a box top.  While also planning the next few stitches I have decided, that although I am stitching both the sampler and the 15 sided biscornu, I am going to stitch all the squares for the biscornu first and then decide how I will arrange them in the sampler.

Click here for the Spaced Satin stitch diagram


  1. Thank you - this is the perfect stitch for my current project! I have been hunting around for something to use in a wide border and this will work very nicely. I might try the biscornu too, once I've finished my current sampler project.

    1. Thank you, enjoy. It's wonderful when stitcher's adapt stitches to other projects. I'd love to see it when complete.
      Happy New Year