Friday, December 14, 2012

A Surprise for Kathrin

I recieved an email Tuesday entitled "A Surprise for Kathrin"  It was like opening an early Christmas present.  The surprise was from Kim Beamish, she had already completed her 15 Sided Pulled Thread Biscornu and so much more.  Kim is designer herself and has had many of her designs published in A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine.  (issues available through Gitta's)
Here are some photos of Kim's finished project.
Her Biscornu
Her box is way beyond the box I plan on completing sometime (when I find some time)
She had the box almost all finished before I even posted the last square. 
What's a treasured stitching box without tools to tuck inside.
Absolutely Awesome; great job Kim.

However, Kim's was not the first photo I received.  2 weeks ago, I had received a photo from Susan H., she had completed hers before I even posted the last square (using one of the pattens twice).  She had to have it finished for her (Toronto) Guild's annual Christmas luncheon and gift exchange.  The recipient was totally thrilled (I was told).

Great job ladies!!!  If I'm lucky I'll manage to stitch mine together over the holidays.


  1. OMG!! The biscornu project is beautiful in itself (& the instructions wonderful), but the box with all the accessories is amazing! Is there a possibility of getting instructions to do the "extras" for those of us who would like to, but are creatively challenged?

  2. I knoooow, Kim did a wonderful job. I'll ask if she will either send or post the instructions for these extras.

  3. Hi! Kathrin, The Pulled Thread Patterns are just beautiful. I enjoyed this SAL very much. Thank you so much for all the instructions and tutorials...looking forward to your next SAL!!! :-))) judy

  4. Hello Kathrin, How can I send you a photo of my finished biscornu? :-))) judy

    1. Hi Judy, I was just on your blog and saw your biscornu. It looks great. You can send your photo to and if you do not object I will post it onto our Stitcher's Gallery.