Sunday, December 9, 2012

Square #15 - Chessboard Filling Stitch

15. Chessboard Filling Stitch
It has taken me a while to post this last and final square, and for that I do apologize.  It was a hectic week before our Christmas Open House, and this past week I was desparately catching up on finishing seven Christmas Stockings.

Well here is the last square.  Although it is called Chessboard, when I look at the finished stitch I see interwoven ribbons.  No matter the name, what is in a name any way, I love the finished look.

Click here for the stitch instructions and stitch diagrams.

As for the finishing.  Please follow the finishing instructions from my last 15 Sided Biscornu.  I first posted these instructions on my March 18, 2011 blog post, but you can also click here
The only differnece between that and this 15 sided biscornu is that this one has open areas.  So before following the finishing instructions, you will first need to sew a backing fabric behind each square.  Sew this backing fabric to the square just along the outside of the backstitched border.

I will not get to finishing mine until after Christmas.  Sorry, to leave you on your own, but many of yours' will probably be finished before I get a chance to finish mine.  Lots of luck, and I'd love to see them all done !!

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  1. Dear Kathrin,
    It's been fun to watch your posts on this great SAL. I do plan to stitch this as a sampler. Thanks so much for your generosity, such a great design! :) VivC