Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

It's a good thing Easter is later this year, or the kids would be hunting for their Easter baskets in the snow.  Easter is a sure sign of Spring, and with the beginning of Spring so is our hope for new life; a new beginning.  Spring brings colour back into our lives, with a brighter sun the buds sprout on the trees, the grass is green once again, and the flowers are a bloom.  Have a happy Easter and enjoy every glorious sign that Spring is finally here.

 Here is a small token gift to welcome Spring and celebrate Easter.  Click here to download the bunny's symbol chart.  Choose some threads from your stash.  Have fun with it and choose fresh colours to symbolize Spring.

I have been stitching and collecting Easter ornaments for many many years, and this year some of them are hanging on the NEW metal tree we are carrying in the shop.  The tree can be decorated with ornaments and tokens for every season or holiday.

Happy Easter

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