Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stitching mad

Last week one of the orders I placed at the trade show in Germany arrived.  There were so many wonderful designs in the shipment that I'm having a hard time deciding which to stitch first.  I had decided I should first finish some of my other projects, so over the last week I have been madly stitching to finish two of my on going needlepoint projects while I decide.

I started stitching on the flower/fruit basket (a painted canvas) about 2 years ago.  It has been my "car" project;  I always have a needlepoint on the go that I stitch when in the car.  My husband drives and I stitch.  This way we have a very pleasant ride, mainly because I am distracted and don't criticize his lane choices, speed, passing, not hypermiling, etc. etc.  Over the last few evenings all I had to complete was the fly, a leaf, and half of the background.

The "Good Morning" needlepoint is a Prairie Schooler design out of an old Just Cross Stitch Issue.  Although intended as a cross stitch design, it is composed of full stitches so you can petit point, needlepoint, bead, rug hook, or even knit the pattern.  I converted the threads to wool and choose an 11ct canvas.  I started this project at the airport on our way to Germany.  I then stitched on the trains and a little at my aunt's house.  Once home all I needed to finish was the sun and background.

Now I can feel comfortable starting a new project, and I think I have figured it out.  The charts from this designer, Orchidea (to be added to this weekend), are also composed of only full stitches.  I have decided to petit point this design.  It's only 120 x 96 stitches, so on 22ct. canvas with  3 strands of floss it will be 5.5" x 4.4" in size.
Just awesome.

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