Monday, July 28, 2014

All done!!

After ripping out half of the sampler to make room for the year, I decided I was going to finish it and not just tuck it into my drawer.  It took me two nights.  I was on a roll, and had figured out what I would do with the stitched pieces, so I stitched the alphabet sampler as well.

A simple little throw pillow is what I had in mind.  Other than the Sulky Threads (Blendables 4016 and Solid 1198) everything else was in my stash at home.
The fabric is a fat 1/4 yard of Batik.  I can never resist these little bundles of colourful fabric pieces at tradeshows.  The button is out of my Grandmother's button box.  It probably came off of one of her old jackets.  She never discarded a button, to one day give new life to something old.


  1. That fabric goes perfectly with those threads. Love the pillow.

  2. Thanks. One might think it was well planned - I was just lucky that I had the perfect match in my fabric collection at home. But it is a very healthy collection.

  3. Hi Kathrin, lovely blog! Quick question, does Gitta's sell black aida cloth?

  4. Yes, we do. What count did you need? Call us in the shop or send us an email.
    You can also order it on-line at

  5. Hi Kathrin!! I am Cande, I love cross stitch like you, and I like all your designs, so you have a new follower and I invited you to see mines.
    Warm regards from Canary Island.