Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our home additions

Over the last few weeks, it has been my house that has demanded most of my attention.  With my Dad not wanting to live on his own in the near future, my husband and I decided to add two additions to our house.  The front addition will add an in-law suite for my Dad and a guest bedroom to our second floor.  The rear addition is to enlarge our great room. We started with the rear addition and took hundreds of photos.  Here are a few photos from the last 5 weeks.

 Breaking ground -   After weeks of David tearing down walls and preparing the inside of the house for the addition, it was so exciting to finally "start".

This is how it looked when the basement was dug out and the opening cut into the existing basement wall. 


Next  forms were built and  cement poured for the basement footings.

  One week after they first started to dig the basement , the brick layers arrived to build the block wall.  The wall was then sealed, wrapped in a waterproofing  membrane, and back filled with sand.

It was very exciting to see the addition taking shape, but with every crew that arrived my backyard was looking more and more like a builder's yard.

Then over the  next 2 days the framers framed up the floor and walls. 

 The beam to support the roof was also installed on the second day.

This is a view from the inside with the old roof ripped off.  They did tarp it for over night, just in case of rain and to keep out any four legged guests.

This is how the rear of the house looked with the walls and roof.  Next the patio door and window were relocated to the new outer wall.

Lastly David and I, with the help of our son, covered the walls with builders wrap. For now the rear addition is on hold until the front addition is in the same stage of completion.  Then the roofers, brick layers and stucco guys will come in and compete the exterior.

If you are interested in the progress, let me know and I'll follow up with the front addition in a few weeks.


  1. quel travail! bravo

  2. That will give you lots of extra space! Looking good.

  3. What an amazing transformation this is going to be!!! Soo nice to hear that your Dad will be able to live with you and not live alone. I am definitely interested in the progress and final completion of the renos!!

  4. What a fascinating transformation! Please post more pictures. I'm definitely curious about the whole thing.

  5. Wow, what an undertaking! Fascinating to watch the progress - thanks for sharing.

  6. Very exciting! I would like to see updates...

  7. May I ask how much does the whole project cost ?

  8. Nice. I am interested in the progress, please share us with the update :)
    If possible, please advise which contractor you are using as I am interested to build an addition in my backyard. I have never thought about digging down to the basement level, would like to learn more about it from the contractor what option is available. Thanks

  9. You guys have done a lot of work in a week's time. How did you guys end up deciding on using stucco for the exterior? It seems like you made the right choice, since stucco can be quite easy to customize, while at the same time be quite sturdy. Just follow the instructions given to you, and you're good to go! Do keep us posted!

    Geoff Hull @ Custom Stucco Solutions