Friday, March 18, 2011

Finishing Instructions

Well this is it, all our squares are stitched, and there is only one thing left to do - stitch them all together.  This 15 sided Biscornu was my first.  After writing the instructions I had them tested, by 2 friends, who have also never finished a 15 sided Biscornu.  They followed the instructions without any extra help.  One of them had never even finished  a 2 sided Bisconu!   They did great!   And you will too!

Click here for the finishing instructions.

I didn't manage to work on my second biscornu this week, but I did finish stitching all 15 squares for the NWMP designer collaboration project.  Each exhibiting designer has designed a 20 x 20 pattern to be sewn together into, " you guessed it", a  15 sided biscornu.  Last night I even managed to slip stitch them all together.  On April 2nd, at the Market,  the finished project will be revealed - you'll love it.  We all used the same threads, those shown in the photo on the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace website, to unify the designs.  Visit each designer booth at the show and collect these wonderful designs for free, our thank you to you for visiting.


  1. Well, I didn't *purposely* stay up 'til midnight to get the finishing instructions as soon as they were posted, but that's how it's worked out tonight (because I can't put these squares down!!) I have only the back-stitching and beads to do on square 15, then my squares will be ready to be assembled. But no, I am not staying up all night to complete it right now. Gotta get my beauty rest! :D

    Margaret K.

  2. You asked me about the year pics that who is the designer. The year pics are sold only at
    If you write on the Hae -field on the upper left corner word vuositaulu then you are able to see all designs that are published in that series. I think the manufacturer is Permin of copenhagen.

  3. The 15-sided biscornu was a lot of fun to stitch and have already started a second one using these patterns. I am looking forward to seeing the squares at the Needleworkers Marketplace.

  4. I am so grateful for these designs. I have some catching up to do, only on square 11 or 12, but each square is a tiny nugget of beauty. I'm really enjoying this stitch. Thank you again.

    Karen from NJ

  5. You have won something in my spring cleaning giveaway. Could you send your snail mail address to

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful project...I almost have my 1st one complete...need to decide on what goes in the middle and am ready to stitch the second one together and find something for the center. This was a fun and beautiful project. Thanks so much for your work and sharing..wish I was closer so I could attend the Needleworker's marketplace. But am glad I am in a place that is warming up and blooming for Spring. Thanks again!! Vicki

  7. I have a friend who has cruelly and without mercy introduced me to this. As a pair of mathematically-minded people...

    We MUST TRY THIS!!!!

  8. Virpi - thanks for the link - what a lovely series! Are they cross stitch? kits or patterns?? Will have to see if Kathrin can order these in for us :)

    Reynardo - once you do one biscornu, you will be hooked ;)