Friday, March 25, 2011

And you thought we were done !!!

Here is my finished Biscornu in my second colour choice.  I finished it last Saturday while visiting with my sister.  I figured that while chatting I could also sew my biscornu together. This being my third one, all my attention could be given to the conversation, and by the end of the evening my biscornu was done.

Third Biscornu?  You're probably all wondering what was her second; did I miss a post?  No you didn't, my second was the Collaboration project for the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace, and here are some photos of the finished project. 
Each designer exhibiting at the show has designed a motif 20 x 20 stitches.  This will be

their free gift to everyone attending the show.  Their "thank you" to you.  Collect all 15 and you can have another fabulous biscornu.
 The motifs visible here are by Brenda Franklin, Carolyn Mitchell, Joanne Gatenby, Laura Dickson, Britstitch, Christine Allen, Jeannette Douglas, Roxann Blazetich-Ozols, and me.  Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to visit with each designer at the show April 2nd and 3rd.  

I have one last surprise for everyone this week.  When I began designing the 15 patterns for my 15 sided Biscornu, I had them all nicely laid out on one sheet, and I loved the look of them all together.  This got me thinking, why not stitch them all as one design.  All they needed was a cute little border to connect them.  These patterns have been a big hit in the shop, and even Monika has been bitten by the Biscornu bug.  So even though she has already stitched them all twice, she loved the idea of a sampler and was anxious for me to design the border.  I had wanted to wait until after Retreat, but she couldn't, so here it is.  Her variegated silk is actually one of my favourite, Gloriana's #050 Blue Grass, and the fabric is Zweigart's 28ct Cashel Linen, Platinum. 
After Retreat I will post the border. You may have also noticed that the sampler has 18 squares.  I wanted to include an initials square, without omitting any of the squares.  So I added another row of patterns.  These will be posted in the weeks following the border.
Sorry to make you wait another two weeks, but next Friday I'll be busy setting up my booth at the NWMP, and starting all the festivities for Gitta's Getaway retreat in the evening. 
See you at the Market, or here in two weeks time.


  1. I love the sampler idea! I think it is even better than the scissor fob you were thinking of doing. I can't wait for the border chart. :)

  2. oh, I forgot all about the scissor fob. I'll still make one though.

  3. You keep teasing us with more ideas. How about a needle book to go with it. There will be a biscornu, needle book, fob and a nice framed picture. You could also add a scissor keeper. The possibilities are endless.......

  4. I love the sampler and maybe I can stitch that when I have some time. You are sure keeping us busy with all your ideas but I am loving it. I just need more stitching time.

  5. You must be clairvoyant! I was planning to do a sampler as I'm not a fan of sewing. Thanks for doing the border, saved me a job!

  6. Wow,,,,,Wow!! I love your third Biscornu and the pieces together as a sampler are fabulous! I'll be watching for it on here. Sure wish I could be at the Marketplace...we just don't have things like that where I live. That Biscornu is very eye catching also.
    Thanks for sharing all you talent with us!

  7. Wow! How lucky are those who can make it to the show! Here ( in Montreal) we are very poorly served regarding cross stitch. I envy all that can & will make it to the show in Toronto . Really wish I could go.That other biscornu by all designers would be such a prize.
    Good Luck & congratulations on all of your work.

  8. Oh Kathrin, your biscornu in your second colour choice is utterly breathtaking! Could you please share the fabric and overdye floss you used? I need that blue fabric. :) Is it antique blue? Hugs, Karen

  9. Thank you, I wanted to use a darker fabric and I love the way it turned out. My second colour choice is - Fabric: 28 ct. Cashel linen, Amsterdam Blue. Variegated Silk: Thread Gatherer's SNC 066. Backstitches within design: 829 DMC. Backstitched border square: 924 DMC. Beads: Mill Hill 00221

  10. Thanks so much for the info, Kathrin!

  11. We need you in Vancouver. We have a great stitching store, but née another one. Love biscornus, and love yours, very pretty!!